Want to learn more about the Havanese breed?  Zoila Portuondo Guerra, founder
of the Havanese Club of Cuba, wrote "Bichon Havanese"...the best book on the
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Ricky Ricardo Live
Coming home from Starborn Kennel
My official name is "Starborn's Mighty Bouncer", but I prefer
"Ricky".  I was born in Henrico, North Carolina, on March 8, 2000,
and filled a great void when I came to live with  
Bill and Isabel.
Buddy, their wire-haired dachshund had crossed the Rainbow
Bridge five months earlier and was supposed to be their "last" dog.  
They had been owned by dachshunds for 32 years and met a
couple of Havanese (like me) and decided that they missed dog
huggies too much...and began their search.  They found me at Pam
King's Starborn Kennel in Henrico, North Carolina.  My breed,
Havanese, was originated in Cuba.  It was recognized by the AKC
in 1995, falling into the Miscellaneous Group.  In 1999 it was
changed to the Toy Group.  If you want to learn more about the
Havanese Breed, visit the
Havanese Club of America.
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My favorite place when I was little was Mom's lap.  She had
trouble resisting this "Aw come on, Mom, pick me up" look.  She
even learned to work at her keyboard with her arms stretched out
over me!
"Sure, Ricky...just as soon as you learn not to leave
"brown surprises" on the carpet.  (Barrier's been gone a
long time.  Ricky was easier to train than my doxies.)
Here's how I looked before I got my puppy cut.  This
was just too much work!  Mom brought a picture to the
groomer from
Grooming the Pet Havanese and now
we're all happier.  Now I feel soft and silky all the time!
More play, less brush!
See how happy I am with my Puppy Cut?
Oops!  My eyes aren't green!  Mom fixed them with the Redeye correction (dumb name, huh?) in Jasc's
Paint Shop Pro 7.  Great program for photo editing.  There's a link to tutorials for Paint Shop Pro on
page.  I also like to make slide programs with my pictures.  You can download one with Ricky
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I am so smart...I ring these       
 bells when I want to go out!
Mom likes to experiment, so she tied a
dinner bell* on the handle of the door
leading to the garage (where I have an
exercise pen lined with newspaper).  She
took my paw, hit the bell and then put me
on the newspaper. If I tinkled or pooped I
got a goody!   That was fun, so I started
ringing the bell a lot and she'd put me on
the paper every time.  Eventually I caught
on that I wouldn't get a goody unless I
left something on the paper.  You know
I'm smarter than she is...now I ring the
bell just so she'll give me food or play
with me! *Now I have these fancy bells!
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